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The Sermon on a Level Place

The following is a listing of Bible Truths in Luke 6:12-49, the story of the sermon on a level place.

  1. Jesus prayed before making important decisions.  Luke 6:12.
  2. Jesus has power over disease and unclean spirits.  Luke 6:18-19.
  3. Jesus promised a great reward in heaven to faithful disciples, some of whom may have been poor or hungry or sad or persecuted because of Jesus.  Luke 6:20-23.
  4. Jesus warned of the judgment that would come to those who trust in their wealth or possessions or popularity instead of trusting in Jesus.  Luke 6:24-26.
  5. Jesus taught His disciples to have a special love for others, especially their enemies.  Luke 6:27-35.
  6. Jesus taught His disciples not to condemn or judge others.  Luke 6:37-38.
  7. Jesus taught that a person who cannot see his or her own faults is not able to help another person find or correct a fault.  Luke 6:39-42.
  8. Jesus taught the importance of following the right teacher since the student will learn what the teacher knows.  Luke 6:39-40.
  9. A person must have a good heart to do the good things that Jesus taught should be done.  Luke 6:43-45.
  10. Jesus taught that a person who hears the words of Jesus must act on those words.  Luke 6:46-49.

The following Background Information is helpful in understanding the story.

Disciple.  A disciple is a student or follower of a teacher.  The disciples in this story are followers of Jesus.  All kinds of people followed Jesus, including women (Luke 8:1-3), men who had left everything to follow Jesus (Luke 5:11), and rich men (Matthew 27:57).  The Bible also tells about disciples of the Pharisees (Matthew 22:15-16), disciples of John the Baptist (Mark 2:18), and disciples of Moses (John 9:28).  For more information, see the Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels, edited by Joel B. Green and Scot McKnight.
Sermon.  What someone teaches others about God and the things God wants you to do.

The following activities can be used to teach the Bible story and truths.

Bible Story Activities.
Time for Prayer.  Encourage the children to follow the example of Jesus and pray before making big decisions or doing something important.  Let each child tell about the activities planned for the coming week.
Recreate the Story Outdoors.  Go outside and spread a blanket on the ground.  The teacher can play the role of Jesus.  Go off by yourself and pray, select the apostles from the class, let the other students play the crowd being healed, and then teach as Jesus did.
What Do I Do?  Use the following situations to help the children understand what Jesus meant when He said to love your enemies.
Write the following situations on separate slips of paper.  Or click here to go to a page you can print.  Situations 1 through 5 are for younger students.
For younger students, put the separate slips of paper into a hat.  Ask a child to draw a slip from the hat.  The teacher can read the situation and ask the children what they can do to show the special love Jesus says we should have.
For older students, consider dividing the class into groups and letting them role play the situation.
Situation 1.  This morning you were playing at Susie's house.  She got mad and told you to go home.  This afternoon, Susie comes to your house and wants to play.
Situation 2.  Yesterday, Tommy brought his favorite toy to the playground but you forgot your toy.  He would not play with you or let you play with his toy.  Today, Tommy forgot his toy and wants to play with you and your toy.
Situation 3.  When you are at Bobby's house, he will not share his Easter candy with you.  Later in the day, Bobby comes to your house.  Your mom has just made cookies and Bobby wants some. 
Situation 4.  Jane and Molly would not play with you yesterday.  They said they did not want to be your friend any more.  Today, you and Jill are playing soccer and Jane wants to play.
Situation 5.  You are on a field trip to the butterfly museum with your class.  Billy has been mean to you all morning.  It is now time for lunch and Billy forgot his dessert.  You have extra dessert and Billy wants some of your dessert.
Situation 6.  You and Bill have been drafted by the same basketball team.  Bill thinks he is a much better player than you.  He laughs every time you shoot.  The coach just named the starting players.  You will start but Bill will not.  Bill is sad and thinking about quitting the team.
Situation 7.  Susie is a classmate who lives down the street from you and always makes fun of the clothes you wear.  She will not play with you and tells the other girls in your class not to play with you either.  She calls you a nerd.  Your class has a math project due tomorrow.  Susie forgot her book at school and wants to borrow yours.
Situation 8.  You live next door to a grumpy man and his grumpy wife.  They yell at you whenever your ball goes in their yard.  They complain to your parents whenever you and your friends make too much noise.  They are always getting you into trouble.  The grumpy man and his grumpy wife have planned a vacation and are trying to find someone to pick up their newspaper and take care of their cat while they are out of town.
Situation 9.  Last week Jill invited everyone in your class except you to her birthday party.  She handed out the invitations during class and told everyone in the class that you were not invited.  Your birthday is next month.  Your mom said you could have a party and invite the whole class if you wanted.  Your mom wants to know who you want to invite to your party.
Situation 10.  You are on an all day field trip to the zoo with your class.  Tommy, the class bully, picks on you all morning long.  It is now lunch and everyone goes to the snack bar to buy a snack.  Tommy discovers he forgot his lunch money at home.  You are the only one in the class with extra money.
Picking the Right Teacher.  Use this activity to help the children understand the importance of following the right people.
Ask the class to name the people they want to be like when they grow up.  Write the answers on the board.
Next ask why they want to be like the people they named and write their reasons on the board.
Now ask if the people they named are Christians who show their beliefs by the way they live their lives.
Explain the importance of associating with people who can teach them to live their lives as Christians.
Ask if they can name any famous people whose behavior indicates they are not living a Christian life.
Ask if they can name any famous people who are living a Christian life.
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