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Jesus Sent Out Disciples

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Go To Work For God

Which of these people are helping God bring people into His kingdom?  What do they do to help?  Which of these people are not helping?  What do they do that makes you think they are not helping?

Billy, his friends, and the new boy - Billy is in the fourth grade.  There is a new boy in his class who just moved from another country.  The new boy is smart.  And he is a pretty good athlete.  But it is hard to understand him when he talks so no one wants to be his friend.  Billy and his friends are planning a baseball game after school and Billy asks the new boy to play.

Harry and Barry - These boys are in the third grade.  Harry asked Barry to spend the night at his house.  Barry brought his older brother's dirty joke book and wanted to read it.  Harry said they should not read books like that.

Becky - Becky finds at least one person every day who looks sad.  Then Becky does something to make that person smile.

Arthur - Arthur's teacher would not let them have recess today because they were misbehaving this morning.  Everyone except Arthur blamed the teacher.

Johnny and Frank - Johnny goes to the store with his friend Frank.  Johnny gives the clerk at the store a $1 bill to pay for a coke that costs 55 cents.  Johnny notices that the clerk gave him back ten cents more in change than he should have.  Johnny tells this to the clerk and gives back the dime.

Susie and her coach - Susie's soccer team made it to the finals.  The coach called Susie to tell her practice was Sunday morning from 10 to 12.  Susie told the coach she would not be at practice because she wanted to go to Sunday School and Church.

Betty Jo and Elsie - Betty Jo's mom asked her and her friend Elsie to go to the corner store to buy a loaf of bread for supper.  Betty Jo asked her if she could buy a piece of candy but her mom said no because it was too close to supper.  When they got to the store, Elsie said they should buy a piece of candy since Betty Jo's mom would never know.  But Betty Jo said that would not be the right thing to do.

Benny and J. B. - Benny sits right behind J. B., the rudest boy in the class.  No one likes him.  Their teacher asked them to find a partner to work with on a special science project.  Before Benny could even ask anyone, J. B. turned around and asked Benny to be his partner.  Benny said that would be great.

Tommy, Abe, and Sam - Tommy, Abe, and Sam were riding their bicycles to the movie.  Sam's chain came off of this bike.  If they waited on Sam to fix the chain, they would be late for the movie.  Tommy wanted to leave Sam and let him catch up later.  Abe stayed and helped Sam fix the chain.