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Jesus Healed an Official's Son

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The Healings of Jesus

The following is a listing of Bible verses which describe the healings of Jesus.


Healing of Jesus

Matthew 4:23 Healed every disease and sickness
Matthew 8:3, Luke 17:12-14 Healed leprosy
Matthew 8:13 Healed a Centurion's servant
Matthew 8:14-15 Healed Peter's mother-in-law of fever
Matthew 9:6-7 Healed a paralytic
Matthew 9:20-22 Healed a bleeding woman
Luke 8:51-55 Healed Jairus' daughter
Matthew 9:29-30, 20:34, Mark 8:23-25, 10:51-52, John 9:7 Gave sight to blind men
Matthew 12:13 Restored a withered hand
Matthew 17:15-18 Cured a boy of seizures
Mark 7:32-35 Cured a deaf man who could not speak
Luke 7:14-15 Raised a man from the dead
Luke 13:11-13 Healed a crippled woman
Luke 14:2-4 Healed a man of dropsy
Luke 22:50-51 Healed a man's cut ear
John 4:52-53 Healed an official's son
John 5:8-9 Healed a paralyzed man
John 11:43-44 Raised Lazarus from the dead